Aizome Nando Cotton

The Samurai Cord Aizome Nando Cotton Brass Bracelet is made from traditional woven cord known as Sanada Himo, from the 16th century. Crafted in the spirit of the original designer, Sanada Yukimura, who is immortalized in Japan as the Number One Samurai. It was first used as a wrapping for the hilt of the samurai sword. As you can see it is a very strong cord. The hand sewn Rokumonsen “The Six Coins” is his primary family crest that was used in every battle. Our creation is to be worn as an amulet for those who live their lives to the fullest, in the hope that people will tie meaningful bonds when shared with others.

Aizome Indigo Cotton 100% | Solid Brass 100% | Natural Dye(Handmade,Single ply)| Double Brace

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